Sunday, September 04, 2005

"I have a black belt in keeping it real."

Dear Philadelphia,

Your subway/rail system is a disappointment, not to mention slightly on the dodgy side. Please place a couple of maps outside the gates so visitors can better navigate your wonky system.


* * *

Last weekend, Cleveland. This weekend, day trip to Philadelphia. $20 round trip on the Chinatown bus? Score. And the bus didn't even catch fire or strand us in New Jersey. Even better.

Holly and I spent our afternoon in Philly by going to the stomach turning Mütter Museum and viewing, among many things, a 50 lb distended colon, ovarian cysts the size of beach balls, and babies who never formed heads in the womb. Later we wandered the city center, having beers at Monk's Cafe and later catching dinner at an Irish pub before getting on the 10 o'clock bus for NYC.

Maybe I'll even consider taking the bus down to DC next time. It's only $35 round trip, which beats my $150 Amtrak tickets, however with Amtrak I don't have to worry about waiting in a New Jersey rest stop for three hours. Anyone have a place for me to crash?


Anonymous said...

Our door is always open with a little warning of course :) We even have two beds to choose from.


Mr. Bad Apologies said...

I blush at my hyperlink.