Monday, January 19, 2009

"You should have taken photos of your wounds"

My mom's phone call this evening has set me off. While the first thing she asked was if I was doing better after the car crash, the critique of what I should have done in its aftermath opposed to how I ended up handling things has stoked my inner infantile rage. You should have taken photos of your wounds, she said. You should have gone to the hospital, she said. You can sue the driver who hit you, she said. Yes, yes, and yes. But that's not my concern right not. My concern is that we all walked away from that crash with only cuts and bruises, that we are safe and well is the most important thing. To hell with the car -- easy for me to say admittedly since the car is not in my name nor my financial responsibility, but still. And I told her that. The fact that we all walked away from that crash should be your primary concern, I threw back at her in a steely tone, which is probably one of the first times I have ever expressed my true feelings to her. I think I may have hurt her a little, but she needed to hear it.

So, to honor one of my mother's wishes, I have taken a photo of my wounds courtesy of broken glass and the seat belt.


ms. write again soon said...

At first, I thought you just had a strangle located nipple. And a blotchy areola. Whew - that is a nasty bruise. Hope you are feeling better!

Anonymous said...

I agree with you! I am so glad everyone walked away from it and you're all ok!

Anonymous said...

Can I come and kiss it better?

(no I can't, if mrs K doesn't object my wife certainly will)

Donna in NZ

Anonymous said...

So glad you, Ms. K and Harley are OK! That is a MONSTER bruise--looks like something Signe would be sporting!

Josephine said...

Ouch! I hope you're all completely recovered in no time!