Friday, July 13, 2007

"For the love of christ, I took one week off of work and I haven't the hour needed to read your PROLIFIC postings."

Can an entry for My Friday Fave be about a preference rather than a favorite? Doesn't quite have the same ring, but nonetheless I have a preference for electronic communication. Christ, what did people do before 1996? Throw message covered stones at each other? Oh right. The TELEPHONE. I'm still trying to remember through the haze what the world was like before mobile phones.

My point is that because I have a preference electronic communication -- email and texting -- I don't talk very often on the phone. I also sound like a goon on the phone, stumbling over words with a bad penchant for mumbling. So it was with great trepidation that I called Ms. K, the previously mentioned blog reader that I have been electronically corresponding with, hoping that I wouldn't sound like a complete moron. Sometimes I think I write a better game than I talk. Verdict is still out on whether Ms. K thinks I'm a moron, but we will perhaps be meeting up for a drink very soon.

All this disdain for my speaking voice is ironic since I have found myself really enamored with the idea of doing a podcast. Surely better ideas have been hatched during the history of civilization than me talking into microphone for however long and recounting my moronic attempts at dating. Surely . . . . Oh but I do love new fangled technology.

And since I couldn't make it to the free Spoon show on Wednesday,
I will instead serenade you all with this:

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