Monday, March 12, 2007

"However I am not looking for anything right now."

Modern dating (or not in this case) as conducted via texting. Backstory is that Lawyer Girl kissed me and asked me to go home with her as I put her into a cab outside of Ginger's on Saturday night. I politely declined as had a feeling that the end result would be bad. The conversation below happened on Sunday afternoon.

Me: So this whole kissing thing. What's going on? Are you just being friendly by asking me to go home with your or . . . ?

Lawyer Girl: This whole kissing thing. I do love to kiss. Home sorry about that. Guess that alcohol kicked in. Hope I wasn't rude if I was please accept my apology.

Me: You weren't rude and under different circumstances I would have loved to accept but it's not clear what you want -- if you're interested or only a friend.

Me: It's cool whatever you want. I like you and you are a beautiful woman but I need clarification :)

Lawyer Girl: Thank you. U r sweet! However I am not looking for anything right now. I am still finding me. I lost me for a little while.

Me: That's totally fine. Finding is good. Then let's keep it friends :)

Lawyer Girl: Sounds Perfect.

What's a girl to do?


Anonymous said...

Hi, I've been reading your blog for only a couple of weeks. (It was linked from the Dorothy Surrenders site.) I just wanted to, in a brief note, say that I think you did the right thing. While LG sounds like a potential friend, her asking you home is ambiguous -- as you note -- and not clearly driven by romantic interest. Not that thoughtful. And, it wouldn't bode well for what you want: another GF.

Just my observations. I'm rooting for you.

Anonymous said...

Just another thought: It seems she's wanting "friends with benefits." You're right to call her on that.

nycrouge said...

Pat on the back for me and thanks for the rooting, though it's always sad when I realize that someone doesn't dig me as much as I thought they did :(

bad apologies said...

Is this lawyer girl I met. F Her!