Monday, March 19, 2007

"The city's falling down again."

In trying to construct a blog entry over the last few days, the best I could come up with was "SHIT! FUCK! GODDAMNIT! SO MUCH TO DO!" But since a string of expletives, though able to convey the level of stress I'm under, does not do much to explain the exact nature of the stress. Basically it boils down to work and freelance, which is like work but takes place during some mythical stretch called Free Time. And then my roommate, bless her heart, has chosen the worst possible time to move out.

I was surprised by the lack of responses I got to my two Craigslist ads. It could be that I don't exactly live in a fashionable neighborhood and I probably four responses each, but when you weed out the dudes (sorry, not ready to live with a man) and those who don't seem to tell me a lot about themselves, I'm not left with a whole lot of candidates. A very nice woman, and possibly whom I will choose, came on Saturday to look at the place. I'm new to this whole interviewing strangers to live with thing, so after she left I spent a series of phone calls talking to friends who were old hat at finding roommates. On one hand the woman was nice, on the other she was the first person to see the place. One friend suggested I hold an open house, but with all the freelance I have to do the thought of having people come by on Sunday was enough to edge me towards a panic attack. Indeed I've been nursing a stress headache for the last FIVE days. Someone else is supposed to see the place tonight, so I guess I'll be making an decision soon because I really don't have time to see anymore people.

Dating is obviously not a priority right now as you can tell. Lawyer Girl and I are still "friends" if friends means talking every day on the phone and hanging out one or twice a week. She made a cryptic remark on Friday when we were stuck in the snowstorm -- something to the effect that she likes what we are doing and if it leads to something she won't mind. Okay, whatever. You still want to start a family and settle down and leave the city and I am still very much not ready to have kids and love New York with all my heart and am never leaving. Yeah we'll see where this one goes. All I know is that I'm single and that, you know, might not be such a bad thing.


bad apologies said...

Your new tag line is cliche. Sorry. I expect better!

nycrouge said...

Tsk tsk, Mr. Bad Apologies. Don't hate because I'm keeping it real.