Thursday, February 04, 2010

"Maybe we should move again?"

Shit, dudes. We got ourselves a mouse in the new house. And not some cute talking mouse that secretly makes you delicious French dinners, but a disease spreading creature that poops on kitchen countertops and God knows what else.

When we moved into the apartment and I inspected the nooks and crannies of my new home, I suspiciously found steel wool in the strangest of places -- as in the radiators, linen closet, and the door jams. I remember wondering why some weirdo previous tenant had left steel wool everywhere?

Oh right, to prevent mice from entering small cracks in the walls. Duh! Too bad I threw some it away, which may or may not have contributed to our new houseguest's arrival.

Ms. K is not taking the news very well and since I'm the bug killer in the relationship, my duties now extend to mouse removal. Unfortunately for her, I'm at work and she's having to face the mouse hunt on her own while sending me panicked updates via email.

"Honey! You have to fix it!"

"I am afraid of that bad thing! OMG. I do not like this! Also, it
puts a dent in my cleaning plans!"

"Honey, I feel like you are not being the appropriate amount of
alarmed/ upset about this!"

"I need him to go away now!"

This will be fun to deal with when I get home tonight!


ennuiherself said...

1) I'm concerned that you know the plot to Ratatouille.

2) I bet Ms. K (Mrs. K?) wishes you still had those cats. :)

Anonymous said...

I'm the bug killer in our relationship but I don't deal well with rodents either. I am your typical shrieking, frantic woman who jumps on a chair at the mere sight of a mouse.

Good luck!

liz said...

That last comment was me, I didn't mean to leave it as "anonymous" - guess I clicked on post a little too quickly.

Anonymous said...

Speaking from experience... you know it's not just ONE mouse, right?

Coleen said...

OMG... ewwwww. I can NOT deal with anything that isn't domesticated!

John said...

Ohhh mouse in home is just like headache!Please have any medicine or adopt any cat as pet,this two way you have remain!Ms.K just Best of your new cloths and grocery...!!!
m3 carta

Rogue said...

Cats rule.