Wednesday, January 06, 2010

"I love you so much."

The whole addendum or coda or whatever you want to call it to the Deborah incident is that she texted Ms. K on New Year's Eve to say that she loves her so much. This text came while Ms. K and I were sharing a New Year's Eve dinner at Applewood, leaving both of us rather perplexed.

"She can't possibly love me!" Ms. K said as she showed me her cellphone in the middle of our five course dinner. "Maybe she meant this for someone else?"


On advice from me and a friend of hers, Ms. K ignored the text. It had to have been meant for someone else.

Except that Deborah was acting weird at work when they finally did see each other. Ms. K pulled her aside and asked what was wrong. After some evasion, Deborah confessed that she was jealous.

Jealous? Seriously? Jealous of me, jealous of Ms. K's close friendship with another person (that's another long story). Why do I feel like I'm in high school again? And I don't even work with Deborah.

"I'm not sure what gave you the impression otherwise," Ms. K clarified, "but I don't cheat on Rouge."

I hope this is the final words I write on this because it's all very immature.


Anonymous said...

Is there anyone in the workplace who can run interference for Ms. K, and intervene whenever Deborah is acting up? Seriously. How annoying.

Stephanie said...

Time to take the bitch down...I'll bring the tar and feathers

Anonymous said...

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Krista said...

High school drama never ends. Some people mature enough to resist the urge of it but others not so lucky. I'd say Ms. K needs to contact her higher-up and make a note of sexual harrasement because that is what it is. It sounds like 'Deborah' has a void in her life that this sexcapade of hers isnt filling. Best of luck

John said...

I just passes from your blog and read this story....want to say one thing Do what your heart say to you.One big true of life I read somewhere....."After 20 years passes you will feel pain in heart for what you do not do"....So just do it!if there is any wrong decision its our fault only not our destiny.