Tuesday, December 08, 2009

"Attention Ikea associates, we have a Code 99 in textiles."

Since I still don't have cooking gas hooked up in my apartment, I've been subsisting on a diet of cold Thanksgiving leftovers, takeout, and the occasional meal from the Farm on Adderley. Needless to say this shit is getting old, but I should hopefully have full use of my new stove on Thursday. In the interim, let's look back over the last couple of months, scraping together a couple of half formed story ideas that never made it out of the gate because I was busy getting gay married and stuff.

* My parents bought my 27 year old brother a house in October. This sort of made me laugh in a way that really means that I'm crying on the inside. Do I want my parents to buy me a house? Absolutely not, but I find it funny that my parents would buy my brother a house yet have only visited me twice in New York in the five years I've lived here, complaining that it's too expensive to visit. Cue sad trombone.

* What else, what else . . . OH! I still haven't my parents that I got gay married.

* Because I switched neighborhoods when I moved, I need to find a new gym. UGH. Seriously, this was really the only Con in the Pros & Cons category regarding the move. But it is a big Con. The closest gym to me now is the Crunch on Flatbush, where the Yelp reviews don't exactly inspire confidence.

* Ms. K and I went to IKEA and spent a small fortune, which in turn is helping make our new apartment look like we had hoped the old one would look like. Plus we painted our bedroom "Electric Blue" and bought this rug. Fun!

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Red said...

LOVE, LOVE the paint color AND the rug!!!

And my guess is your parents bought your brother a place so that they could be sure he would stay out of theirs? ;) But I get the supreme unfairness of it all... Any chance they bought it as an investment and are just letting him rent it?