Wednesday, May 27, 2009

"That's not a sandwich. That's an introduction to colon cancer."

Over Memorial Day weekend, Ms. K and I blew through a couple of seasons of Rescue Me, free for the watchin' on Hulu. The acerbic, well acted, melodramatic television show reminded me that pain and trauma makes for interesting story lines.

Which got me thinking.

For once in a long time I'm happy. Yeah suck it, guys. I'm happy. Ms. K is happy. (Other than hating her job, but I digress.) And a happy yours truly suddenly finds herself unable to write because blog entries about Ms. K making googly eyes at me isn't the compelling story line I'd like it to be. My life is not like Rescue Me's Tommy Gavin who always seems to have a kid getting run over by a drunk driver and a plot twist at every turn. My life is boring central, but happily so.

I don't know, it's kind of nice. Maybe it's because of the gym and endorphins and natural highs, but I realize it makes for crappy blog writing.


kimberly said...

for what its worth, i think your (and ms. k's) happiness trumps ny adventures in banality...even taking into consideration there being nothing banal about ofag, oftl, or any other "operation". cheers to you and ms. k!

Anonymous said...

I don't mind hearing about "the happy." I love it actually. It is still interesting (you're a good writer) and sometimes, you know, we just need a break for the crap that sometimes is life. I hear enough drama and trouble and chaos, ever day, so hearing about googly's refreshing.