Tuesday, December 27, 2005

"What is this and how do I eat it?"

Nothing says Christmas in the Rouge household like booze and gambling. Even the fallen Catholic in me felt a little guilty looking at baby Jesus in the Nativity as I sipped martinis with my mom and played Texas Holdem with my 12 year old cousin. Ah . . . the corrupting of youth. And after the glut of alcohol and food, I'm ready for my detox of vegetables and water.

I spent four days shuttling between Northwest DC, Northern Virginia, and Cowcountry, Maryland (aka Howard County). Christmas wasn't too bad this year (perhaps due to the proliferation of gin and gambling), but by the 26th I was ready to head back to New York and sleep in my own bed. At least the subway is running again.

So what did I get? A membership to the Metropolitan Museum of Art (hooray!), Sephora giftcard, a much predicted Lord & Taylor giftcard, diamond necklace, and some other random stuff. I even got a pair of diamond earrings from my mom. Actually they are on "loan", but we all know that once they make their way to my jewelry box they're mine, motherfuckers.


H said...

You know, as a resident of Cowcountry, Maryland (aka Howard County), I'm pretty sure I've never actually seen a cow around here.

I thought that was more of a Carroll or Frederick County sort of thing. Maybe I need to look around more.

nycrouge said...

Okay, Cowcountry Lite. However my parents definitely live in a section of Howard County where you can readily find cows.

H said...

I obviously need to go west more often, I don't even know my own county. Then again, I've only lived here for about a year-and-a-half. I spend too much time in Baltimore.

Are you anti-cow? ;)

Tara said...

there are plenty of cows to be had all over maryland. also, chickens, pigs, horses. but I digress. One of my happiest Christmas family traditions has been coming home after Christmas Eve services and having grasshoppers (or brandy alexanders) with my family. If you can't drink with the fam, who can you drink with, I say?